Rep Ilhan Omar appears to be a radicalized Muslim, now playing for TEAM ISIS in the U.S Government. A former refugee, Omar shows no sign of having assimilated into American Society. Quite the opposite: she seems to be much more interested in fueling anti-Semitism and overthrowing the American Government by impeaching President Trump.

For some reason, the executives at Fox News do not see Omar as a threat.

Instead, they have identified American Hero Judge Jeanine Pirro as the enemy.

A brave Conservative political commentator, Judge Jeanine is one of the very few television personalities who regularly speaks the truth. Now, Fox News is attempting to silence Pirro by taking her off the air. They’ve also pandered to TEAM ISIS by apologizing and explaining that their particular news outlet does NOT agree with Pirro, and they don’t support her comments.

You know what that means, right?

Those few remaining Holocaust survivors must be horrified. I know I am. #JEXODUS before it’s too late! The Democrat party is falling off that slippery slope….

Watch her last show on Fox News by clicking on the link below. THEN SHARE HER COMMENTS EVERYWHERE!

Judge Jeanine tells the TRUTH about Rep. Omar


    1. Yes, why is it the people on the View can say whatever they want and still be on the air…..because they say things against the President and Republicans. Put Judge Jeanine back on the air.


    2. Put Judge Jeanine back on FOX! We will boycott if you don’t & spread the word!! Fox needs to get rid of the Liberals & their agenda of bringing out country down! I’m sick of all the lies, deceits & anti-Americanism. Make America Great Again & get rid of all the liberal liiars.


  1. I back the judge 100 percent. If Fox knows whats good for their business they better change their mind on this one. Fox, are you guys trying to be another CNN!!! Stop the bullshit and put the judge back on!!


  2. I back Judge Jeanine 100% And if Fox cancels her because of this I’m done with Fox News. Judge did nothing wrong she ask a question and this is all because she asked a question about a Muslims attire what is is FOX starting to cave along with the Liberals that’s b*******


  3. fox management , the left wants your entire line up gone and you play right into their hands , smarten up bring back the Judge , show Rep .Omar for what she is , she will give you all you need !


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