Common Scents Approach to Health

I have written several articles about essential oils and their role in our health, but today I’d like to share a real-life situation, which beautifully illustrates the benefits of holistic healthcare.

I was visiting with a good friend of mine, and we were eating dinner when she suddenly noticed that the glands in her neck began swelling and causing her pain. In fact, she looked like a puffer fish! It was scary.

So, the next day, she went to the doctor, and he told her she had a food allergy and then gave her a prescription for prednisone. Now, this didn’t make sense at all, because she was eating “comfort” food when it happened, and the only thing different was an organic seasoning, which we all had and felt no ill effects. The doctor’s diagnosis just didn’t seem right.

So, I put on my “researcher” hat and went to work, looking for symptoms similar to hers on the internet. Of course, I found dozens of people complaining about the same symptoms: it was her salivary glands! She was experiencing a dry mouth, and the swelling was only happening when she was eating, not drinking.

Then, I started checking out likely essential oils which might provide relief. It turned out that lavender, which I just happened to have with me, could help. There were other suggestions, such as apple cider vinegar and even borax to dissolve what we thought might be a stone or deposits in her salivary gland. However, since we had lavender oil right there, she started rubbing the oil on her neck and drinking lots of water as often as possible.

Slowly, her symptoms subsided until she could eat and drink normally. It might have taken all of 48 hours for her to see real results. The next day, she reported to me that she was symptom-free and able to eat normally again!

This episode reminded me that most of our ailments can be cured right at home; with ingredients we may already have. And if you don’t have a bottle of lavender essential oil, I HIGHLY suggest you get some! It seriously cures everything from burns to… salivary gland deposits?!?!?

The other lesson here is the fact that many doctors have no interest in curing you. They will prescribe you a pill that you don’t even need and then just send you on your way. If her doctor had taken even five minutes to listen to her symptoms and really look at her neck, he should have been able to come to the same diagnosis that I did. Instead, he jumped to a conclusion and thoughtlessly doubled-down on it. In fact, he even told her to “eat whatever you want” after diagnosing her with a sudden food allergy! SHOCKING!

We can often correctly diagnose and cure ourselves (as well as our pets) WITHOUT the “help” of a paid professional.

Truth is, all those drugs doctors prescribe are killing us as they line the pockets of drug companies that don’t want people to know we can greatly enhance our health by doing simple things; such as drinking apple cider vinegar every morning and brushing our teeth with tea tree oil, coconut oil and baking soda.

Did you know that pineapple juice is a better cure for a cough than any cough syrup? Try that the next time you’re hacking away, instead of running to the doctor for a prescription or heading to the drug store for an over-the-counter remedy.

Only YOU really know how you’re feeling. So, if something doesn’t seem quite right, it’s really up to you to figure out what’s wrong.

Be healthy naturally, my friends!

©️Jill Cueni-Cohen

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