Toby at work filming Tink’s new music video.


Exactly 23 years ago today, I gave birth to the largest, loudest, most adorable baby boy in a hospital in Basel, Switzerland. He was so big and beautiful that the staff at the hospital asked me if they could photograph him for their new brochure.

Toby had his first photo shoot at the tender age of 3… days-old, that is!

Toby’s birth announcement featured his first smile.

Now, he’s a Hollywood cinematographer! His first major motion picture credit was Buttons the Movie, starring Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, Robert Redford, and Kate Winslet!

On the set of Buttons with Hollywood icons Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury.

Toby regularly works with Director Damien Sandoval on hip hop music videos with stars including Snoop Dog, Lil’ Kim and Tink.

I consider my son to be the “New Face of Hollywood,” because he does his job with the utmost professionalism.

“It’s your birthday, little boy!”


It was a difficult pregnancy, because Toby was a wild-child well before he was born. When I was only five months along, this kid was getting big! In fact, everywhere I went, people were commenting, “Any day now!”

At 8 months pregnant, the comments morphed into the question, “Are you having twins or triplets?”

His kicks inside my belly sometimes knocked the wind out of me! So, you can imagine how anxious I was for Toby to be born.

My water broke at 2am on July 23rd, 1996. I’ll never forget the Swiss-Australian midwife who came to see me at 7 in the morning, after spending several hours strapped to a fetal monitor.

“Wake up!” She said in her lovely Aussie accent to the sleeping baby still cocooned within my womb. “It’s your birthday, little boy!”

Toby’s first birthday present.

So, this is what I’ve been saying to Toby for the past 23 years, every time July 23rd rolls around: “It’s your birthday, little boy!”

Toby and his great-grandparents.


You have made me one proud mama! 💕

My favorite photo from 2016

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