Clad in pro-Trump apparel, Persian American author Nasrin Mohammadi had just spent a whirlwind week visiting Fort Lauderdale on her latest book tour.

Prior to leaving town, she was able to squeeze in one last event —the Broward Republican Executive Community’s monthly meeting—before heading to the airport and checking in her luggage.

Nasrin Mohammadi (and most Iranian citizens) loves President Trump!

Nasrin arrived at the gate and was ready to board her flight at 9:25pm, which was scheduled to depart at 9:33pm.

The door to the jetway was open, and two Spirit Airlines ticketing agents had just let a man go through.

Wearing her MAGA hat and shirt, Nasrin showed them her ticket, and they told her that she would have to get another ticket. They would not allow her to board.

Her luggage was on the plane, a passenger had just entered the jetway, and yet the two agents stared at her clothes with obvious disdain as they informed her, “We can’t do anything for you. You’re too late.”

Nasrin then went to customer service, who told her, “You had to have been there before 9:30.”

She told them, “I was there at 9:25!” And then they were quiet.

Nearly in tears, Nasrin called her manager, Ben Bennett, and asked him to come and get her from the airport.

She was rebooked on a flight for the next day.

“Being in Florida has been like a dream for me, I have never been treated with so much kindness!” says Nasrin. “But going to the airport in my Trump clothes was another story. Some people were staring at me, and there were others who were actually shielding their eyes! A couple of men told me, ‘Good job,’ but most people looked angry. The Spirit employees were very unfriendly. I couldn’t believe that they wouldn’t let me on the plane when I was there on time!”

©️Jill Cueni-Cohen

Nasrin Mohammadi met Israeli Pastor Steven Khoury and talked about the current problems in the Middle East.

Nasrin found refuge at the home of journalist and author Jill Cueni-Cohen.


  1. Jill this was a very traumatic event for Nasrin who has a heart of gold, and loves being an American! She escaped sure death at the hands of a brutal Islamic Government in Iran to come to America!
    Now an Airlines like SPIRIT AIRLINES…would opening abuse her for taking a stand for President Trump!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Needless to say, but this is outrageous. I hate it when sue for frivolous things, but in this case I hope she sues the airline for harassing her, because that’s what it was. At the very least the employees responsible should have been fired.


  3. That is tragic and crazy. Boycott Spirit airlines!! This is supporting the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! I cannot believe people anymore!! Go Trump 2020


  4. Unreal! Blatant biased liberalism hate! How dare they! Spirit needs to fire those employees and apologize to her immediately or feel a wrath of boycott from conservatives! I for one will never fly their airline if they do not ! Bless her heart!
    Shame on those disgusting humans!
    Sheri Hunt


  5. Is this the first case of a Spirit employee denying service to a Trump supporter? Has any Spirit employee, who might be a Trump supporter denied service to anyone from the opposing side? Is what happened here with this young woman regarding her support for President Trump a personal objection or company policy? Love to find out more. If company policy, then they need to feel the economic losses from customers who feel differently about how they treat a customer from any party. If strictly an employee who decided on their own to deny service, then they need to be fired. Not retrained, but fired from their job permanently and denied any employment with the airline industry.


  6. Spirit Airlines should be renamed “Fascist Air” I would hope she sues and can make That airline pay “biggly”


  7. I wish I was there to stick up for her! I can be very obnoxious with people like that!! And I would have filmed the whole thing like the libturds do!!


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