Film Review of What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole

Author’s note: This article was published in a Pittsburgh magazine in 2006. Both of my parents were appalled and disturbed by my open-minded review of this groundbreaking movie. They rarely agreed on much, but they both called my article “absolute rubbish”. #triggered

Is there a scientific explanation for spirituality? Are we connected with other beings and the entire universe at large? And what the #$*! is quantum physics?

“What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole” is the extended Director’s Cut of the original documentary movie titled, “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?”, which was released in 2004. Both films portray the journey of a depressed professional photographer (played by Academy Award-winning actress, Marlee Matlin) as she begins to comprehend that if she changes the negative way she thinks, she can actually change her life.

Interspersed with interviews from an eclectic collection of scientists, doctors and mystics, as well as extraordinary animated sequences that take the viewer into the wacky world of our own cells, What the BLEEP… is as confusing as it is inspiring.


Down the Rabbit Hole looks much like its predecessor, but it’s quite a bit longer, because it contains an additional 105 minutes of in-depth interviews, and introduces Dr. Quantum: an animated professor who provides supplementary explanations about the science of the incredibly small.


Putting forth the notion that “there’s more to the world than what we perceive,” Quantum physics is touted in the film as “a new way of thinking about yourself and the Universe.”  And in Down the Rabbit Hole, the original storyline is condensed so that the experts may have more time to clarify the links between human consciousness, the reality of daily life and quantum mechanics. 

The notion of a movie about quantum physics may be enough to send the average person scurrying over into the comedy or action section of the video store, but both films serve to awaken the mind to possibilities by teaching us about our true nature — and how it is indeed possible to affect our realities through our intentions. And if you can sit through more than two and a half hours of mind-blowing information in Down the Rabbit Hole, you may well be inspired by the additional explanations of experts, including internationally recognized pharmacologist Candace Pert, psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover, M.D and the ancient spirit Ramtha, who is channeled by a woman named JZ Knight.

By tackling subjects such as consciousness, addictions, emotion, and biology, Down the Rabbit Hole illuminates the human experience as a potential for self-realization. And its experts contend that our brains are designed to make thought more real than anything else, but our addiction to continually accessing the same emotions or the same attitudes will take us nowhere.


Most of us are operating at an emotionally detached place, as if today were yesterday, but change means abandoning our old selves. Have you ever thought about who you could be just by changing your perception of the world?

Ramtha makes it clear that we can be the result of our own creation. “See the day as an opportunity in time to create your own reality,” says the spirit. “The day is a fertilization of infinite tomorrows.”

© Jill Cueni-Cohen

Watch the latest iteration of “What the BLEEP” below.

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