I was dancing at Aruba Beach Cafe in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea when the man in this video became very interested in my MAGA hat.

The man in this photo attempted to assault me as I was getting in a car.

I left the bar with a friend a few minutes after I had finished my live Facebook show, called the BEACH REPORT. This man apparently followed me out. As I started to get into my friend’s car, he suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and lunged at me as though he wanted to put his hand over my mouth and drag me away! I whipped my head back and screamed! The dude ran away.
The police were called, and they did catch him….


Live video of the man who would try to attack me just ten minutes later.

The police officer Drove me down the street to the area where they were holding the suspect. They had caught him walking down the street with his wife!

Well, his photo and his video are now out there. I urge you all to share it on social media. Perhaps if we shame this guy, he and others like him will refrain from attacking innocent people simply because we have different political opinions.

I would also like to urge everyone out there, men AND women, to stay very aware in public. Know your surroundings. Make sure when you leave any establishment that you are not being followed. And, most of all, don’t let any of this stop you from wearing your Trump gear!


  1. Jill, I have had two incidences where I was attacked by non-Trump supporters. One was when I was in Springhill doing voter registration a month ago and a man started swearing at me because I was wearing my red Trump hat and the two people I was with had to come to my defense because he was much bigger than little 5’3” 110 pound me. The second incident was when I was doing a Trump flag waving down at the corner of 54 and 19 a few weeks ago and people were driving by and flipping us off and yelling obscenities. One guy pulled his car over and came right over to the group and started getting in all of our faces! This has to stop! It has only made me want to flaunt my support for our President even more, the more the left demonstrates their ignorance.


  2. do we know his name .. Sure would like to … Jill I am so glad you are ok It could have been worse my friend .. Prays


  3. Sharing here too my friend. Please be safe on the liquordale side. Don’t make me drive the 3 hours over there to hurt them 💜


  4. So sorry this happened to you but glad you are ok. Please be careful when you go out. Hope the police can do something about this. Shared


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